Closing time

It’s the end of a very challenging school year, and I cannot help but be filled with weird feelings of relief and emptiness. I had a great year teaching in a revolutionary school, but the year demanded so much. Now that it’s over, I feel weird not doing work for tomorrow. Teachers and students work hard all year, then when it’s over, emptiness almost sets in. I don’t regret having nothing to do, but it does feel odd.

My classroom, today, was barren. Except for a partially-inflated, remote-controlled shark and a small stack of work for the summer, the room is empty. It’s odd knowing teachers work hard all year to hopefully better their students for the next grade or level of education, also knowing their work will only be truly enjoyed by another teacher or by the students’ themselves.

If you are familiar with it, here’s your homework (or class prep as I call it). Read The Bridge Builder by Will Allen Dromgoole. If teachers and students do their work well throughout the year, we all should feel a little like this.



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