Cross-Platform Educational Apps: Great for BYOD

After help from a colleague, I have adjusted my tune on BYOD, slightly.  A BYOD classroom will be easier to teach in, if students have equal access to apps AND the teacher knows how to use them.  While I am concerned about the latter issue, teachers have always done so much with so little professional development.

The list below is an on-going creation of apps that meet the following requirements:

  1. Must have the exact same app on both Android and iOS platforms
  2. Must be under $5.00
  3. Geared for high school students and above (sorry, that’s just my focus)

The List (as of 27 June 2012)

  • 3D Brain (free)- perhaps for limited use, but pretty cool otherwise
  • Adobe Reader (free)- allows for reading, highlighting, and markup of .pdf files; while you can do this in most eReaders, I found it convenient to have Adobe Reader too
  • Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus (free)- exactly as it sounds
  • Bench Prep (free)- prepare for the SATs, GREs, AP Exams, and other standardized tests
  • edmodo (free)- mobile version of the social-media/online classroom
  • Evernote (free)- online file storage and so much more
  • Google Drive (free)- access to Google docs through your online storage
  • Grammar Up ($2.99)- through interactive quizzes, improve your grammar and vocabulary
  • Kindle (free)- Amazon’s awesome eReader, with thousands of free books
  • NASA (free)- Explore images, videos, mission info, news, and more with this app
  • Nook (free)- Barnes and Noble’s awesome eReader, with free books as well
  • SkyDrive (free)- Microsoft’s online file storage, with access to Office 365, now free for education
  • Star Chart ($2.99)- augmented reality, night sky map
  • Wolfram Alpha ($2.99)- mobile version of the powerful online search engine

If you use the above apps in your classroom, please leave a comment about how you use them.  If you know of others that I obviously missed, please let me know too.  I searched the web and have not come across such a list yet.  Thanks!


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