#GTANY Rejection Letter

Today, like thousands, I received my rejection email from Google.  I, like all by 50 who applied, was not accepted into Google’s Teacher Academy in NYC.

I applied to GTANY on a whim, thinking I was a good candidate but not the perfect candidate.  I am an above average ed tech user, and I teach in a very progressive, dare I say “cutting edge” school.  When you compete against every interested teacher in the world and only 50 teachers get accepted, the odds are certainly against you.  This doesn’t quell the disappointment.

I went through the “I can’t believe they didn’t pick me” angst and quickly into the “They don’t know what they are missing” phase.  Then I realized I was silly.  I only applied on a whim, and I knew I wasn’t a great fit.

Then the life lesson kicked in.

You cannot define yourself by the rejections you receive.  You cannot let a failed attempt keep you from your success.  Whether it’s a GTANY application, a job interview, or a college application, your success should not be defined by another person or organization’s evaluation of your talent, often from a very brief application.  Take the knock to your pride and move on.  As leaders, you need to move beyond small setbacks to achieve even greater success.

What defines your success?  Professionally, I define my success by how many teachers I help understand and implement new educational technologies.  Personally, if my family is safe, secure, and happy, I’ve been successful.  Google, nor any other organization, will not define my success in either arena.


4 thoughts on “#GTANY Rejection Letter

  1. Janelle Wilson August 8, 2012 / 8:20 pm

    For me, applying to #GTANY was part of reaching past my fear of failure and trying anyway. This a huge lesson I am also trying to teach my students this year. I’m even a bit excited to share with them about it tomorrow. I’ll continue to “Dare Mighty Things”, and I’ll definitely apply again.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We definitely should not count our success by what programs we are or are not accepted into. Good luck if you decide to try again.

    • Justin Staub, Ed.D. August 8, 2012 / 8:24 pm

      Janelle, thanks for your comments. I will consider re-applying, but I have a funny feeling that the next time the opportunity comes around, I may be in a different spot in my career or personal life, for the better. I look forward to affecting educational technology as a leader. It isn’t that I won’t need to apply, but I don’t think I’ll view the opportunity the same as I did this time around. Perhaps I am wrong.

  2. Kristy Vincent (@Kristy_Vincent) August 8, 2012 / 8:36 pm

    I have many of the same feelings that you do today. I received the same rejection letter like so many other amazing educators. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. The one that resonated with me the most is: You cannot define yourself by the rejections you receive. I cannot begin to verbalize the impact those nine words had on me. Thank you!

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