Teachers Working Overtime

Today I went over to my school to pick up my laptop and I ran into so many teachers working before the school year began, I finally began to keep count. Over 1/6 of the teachers were in the building getting prepared for the school year to begin. That didn’t strike me as odd. Then, I received a phone call from my son’s kindergarten teacher, who also has not started school yet, to discuss any needs he might have for the upcoming year. It finally hit me, when I realized she was calling from her cell phone on her personal time, that most teachers do this. That is, they work on their on time, their vacations, to make sure public education runs smoothly.

My wife is a mid-level manager for a biomedical company, and as a salaried professional, I know there are times she works overtime without compensation. It’s part of the job. But, sadly, American public education teachers are often not looked at as professionals. Most go much above the specified contractually required obligations to provide the best service possible to our sons and daughters, America’s future leaders.

I get dismayed when hard working teachers go unrecognized because it’s expected they do this for the kids. What I saw today was above and beyond the expectation, but thousands of teachers were in today across the nation doing exactly the same thing.

If your son, daughter, or grandchildren are still in school, please go out of your way to say thank you. Thanks to the teachers who are committed to hard work so our sons, daughters, and grandchildren have a brighter future. Thanks for doing more than what is expected and devoting your career to such a worthy cause. Yes, teachers get paid for what we do, but the thanks from appreciative parents, students, administrators, and community members help us continue to go the extra mile.

Thank you, teachers, and have a transformative year. Thank you, Mrs. Yoder, for reaching out to help my wife and I get our son ready for kindergarten.


2 thoughts on “Teachers Working Overtime

  1. mkstaub52 August 16, 2012 / 3:18 pm

    I share your same thoughts and congratulate you on a fine job you do in and out of the classroom. Of course, I am biased. My husband is retired from 34 years in the teaching profession, and I am the very proud mother of the “soon to be” Dr. Staub. How awesome they both are!

    • Justin Staub, Ed.D. August 16, 2012 / 4:16 pm

      Thanks Mom. I clearly learned what I know about being a parent and balancing my profession and my family from both you and Dad.

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