Off to See President Obama’s Inauguration

Tomorrow morning over 120 students from the Downingtown STEM Academy will travel to Washington, DC to celebrate President Obama’s second inauguration. Bright and early students and teacher chaperons will board buses from the STEM Academy and head to Washington, DC. We plan to hit the National Mall around 9:30 and take our spot as close as allowed. After enjoying the festivities, we will talk to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. We will spend the afternoon in the museum before hitting the train and bus back to Downingtown, with hopes to arrive shortly after 10PM.

This trip will be the first time I’ve seen a Presidential Inauguration. I’ve seen both President George H. W. Bush and candidate Obama speak in Downingtown, but I have never been to an inauguration. I anticipate a day of excitement for the students, many of whom will hear the President speak live for the first time. It is a thrill hearing such a powerful world leader speak about the start of a new term. I believe seeing the students’ excitement will make the day exciting for me.

If you are traveling to the inauguration, please be safe. Enjoy your trip, and take in the 57th US Presidential Inauguration.


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