An Evening with Dr. Jeff Goldstein

As part of the culmination of the STEM Academy’s  Student Spaceflight Experiment Program, Dr. Jeff Goldstein, director of the Center for Earth and Space Science Education, will be giving a community presentation on Monday evening entitled “A Voyage that will Forever Change Your Perspective of Home.” This presentation, that is regularly given at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, promises to be both enjoyable and enlightening for all ages. If you are in the Philadelphia area and can attend this event, you will be happy you did. Dr. Goldstein is a very dynamic speaker, as seen in this really cool, auto-tuned YouTube video.

One thought on “An Evening with Dr. Jeff Goldstein

  1. Bob Riddle May 31, 2013 / 10:37 am

    A few years ago, as an educator, I had the pleasure to be part of a team that traveled with ‘Dr. Jeff’ as part of a Challenger Center team of scientists and engineers visiting communities around the country. To describe his presentations as.dynamic is sort of an understatement. He truly does a great job of bringing home the excitement of Earth and Space Sciences. You will not be disappointed unless of course you do not attend!

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