Hard work pays off.

Today Pennsylvania released its updated information for the School Performance Profile, scoring secondary schools across the state. The top performing school was the Downingtown STEM Academy, my school!

I wouldn’t trade my job for any teaching job. Period. That does not mean my job is easy. On the contrary, I am blessed to work hard for hard-working students, devoted teachers, and a very supportive community of invested stakeholders. No day is easy; every day is spectacular. I’ve shared these thoughts before, but now we have state-wide recognition for our work. [A Dream Job: Teaching at the Downingtown STEM Academy; Project-Based Learning at the Downingtown STEM Academy; and An Age of Mass Connectivity.]

Today’s announcement only validates that hard work pays off; our motto “Effort Creates Intelligence,” pays off. Students have been working hard for the past three years, so have teachers. Our school has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School every year we have been open. Students are continually recognized in regional and national competitions in academics and extracurriculars. Our students are being asked to speak at national conferences on the state of education. Our students are continually presented opportunities beyond comparison. Our students are engaged and want to come to school. All these factors make the school I work in the best school in the state; quantitatively and qualitatively.

Thank you to the administrative team and community for saying yes to such a bold endeavor. Thank you, students, for showing up every day willing to take a risk and work harder than you would have to elsewhere. Thank you to my colleagues for constantly inspiring students and fellow teachers to achieve at our highest potential.


One thought on “Hard work pays off.

  1. Vera Kockler December 12, 2013 / 6:38 pm

    Got the phone call today very exciting

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