Julia Kivlin Volleyball Tournament, 2015

As teachers, we all know learning is much more than what happens in school between 7AM and 3PM. Learning is also much more than the homework we assign or the extracurriculars in which students participate.

Last evening, I had a blast playing in a staff and student volleyball tournament to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in memory of Julia Kivlin. Julia passed away before her ninth grade year. I taught Julia’s sister, Kate, and I know the heartbreak of losing a sister to cancer much too young. Last evening’s volleyball tournament was in memory of Julia, who loved to play volleyball.

Three students came to me Friday during school and asked if I wanted to play on their team. The students, outstanding sophomore volleyball players, assured me we would not lose. I have recently found it harder to participate in these events, with a family of young boys, but now that they are getting older, I said yes. Thanks to Sophie, Jasmine, and Mary, our team was awesome. I think it is fair to say Mr. Lowe, Mrs. Gantert-Lee, Emily, and I were just role players. On such a superb team, we dominated. It was not until our last two games that we fought hard. We made it to the final game but were defeated.

Our schools are more than the building we occupy eight hours a day, roughly 200 days a year. We are a community that grows, learns, competes, celebrates, and unfortunately grieves together. To the Kivlin family, Julia will always be remembered because of a strong Downingtown community that will always celebrate her life.


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