About Dr. Staub


Blogs are a great way for individuals to share their ideas with the world, but often these ideas cannot convey a full understanding without knowing the author. This is far from a curriculum vitae, but it should help.


My name is Justin Staub.  I am happily married and the proud father of three wonderful, adventurous, intrepid, and handsome boys.  I am a high school teacher at a very progressive school, the Downingtown STEM Academy.  When not working hard to show the community what good teaching looks like, I manage to find time to play outside, follow the Baltimore Orioles, for better or worse, and get lost in a good book.

To check out my online life, you can see it all on my About.me page.

For the most current, up-to-date messages, follow me on twitter @DrStaubSTEM.

Every year I create “Who is Mr. Staub” videos for my class.  Here are the most recent years’ videos:


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